AC Unit Maintenance and Upkeep

Man Repairing A Unit
Man Repairing A Unit
For many, a properly functioning cooling system can be the most important component of a house outside of four walls, a foundation and a roof. Comfort is great, but your HVAC system can also be a lifesaver during a mid-summer heatwave.
It’s important to make sure your central air conditioning unit is working properly before you find out you need repairs the hard way.

How to Keep Your AC Running Cold

In order to keep your central air system running right, the following things should be at the top of your home-maintenance list:
  • Have an HVAC professional inspect your unit once a year
  • Replace your air filter regularly
  • Keep your system clean and free of debris
  • Have your ducts inspected and cleaned every few years
  • Make sure your system is on level and away from areas that take on standing water

Find an Experienced Repair and Installation Professional

There are some things you can do yourself to keep your AC unit in good shape. However, cooling-system repairs should by left for the professionals. Air conditioning systems are made up of precision components, and trying to do it yourself could lead to more costly repairs or even dangerous conditions inside your home.
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